If the knife is the right size there is no possibility to find in the store, you can make yourself. To do this, prepare a sketch of the product. As material you can use the file. To prepare necessary and a template for the arm, it may be, for example, a PCB. The need to use a grinding stone, sandpaper, grinder, magnet and glue.

The technology of making knife with his hands

First you need to carry out the annealing of the workpiece within 6 hours. When a file has cooled, you can rid it of all the excess, giving the desired shape. Next is to form a groove for the rivets.

You can now begin the process of hardening the future of the knife. The lack of magnetization suggests that it is possible to stop heating. The knife should be heated uniformly, and the surface should Shine. The place where the product will be attached to the handle can not be quenched. The knife should stop magnets, then continue heating for another 2 minutes, raising the temperature in the process. Only now the workpiece can be immersed in water, what should be done rather abruptly.

To verify the correctness of the hardening process can be, trying to scratch a steel glass. The blade should leave marks on the surface. Then you can begin the final stage of preparation of the cutting element of the knife, which involves the release process. The procedure is to heat the knife in the conditions of the oven for a couple of hours. There's also the knife should be left to cool.

A vacation will change the characteristics of the metal, lowering its fragility and cutting ability, but without this procedure, the knife will be the "crystal". The nearly finished blade should be heated to 210°C.

Cleaning knife and equipment blade handle

Then you can bring the work to completion by the method of honing and polishing the metal parts of the knife, you can use any convenient methods. You don't need to overdo things, since the knife will still be subjected to etching. You must bring it to an aesthetic and smooth condition, giving smoothness. You need to avoid polishing, there will be enough to achieve the desired level of purity.

Blade you need to etch in chlorine gland. Next, handle the product should be planted on the rivet, previously they must be mounted on the adhesive to the workpiece. Now you can sharpen a knife, it is preferable to do it manually.