Priorities allow you to clearly plan out your time, to remove unnecessary tasks, or leave them for the minimum amount of time. A clear framework helps to feel the confidence to achieve results. And made items charge optimism, give strength for further work.
Learn to plan need a short period of time. After working for skill, then you can use it at any time. Better to start with half of the day. Take a sheet of paper and a pen to do it better in writing, and not on the computer. When a person writes something, and works his brain and visual memory. Information is better absorbed.
Make a list of things you need to do in the upcoming half of the day, it is roughly 6-7 hours. List need to do in detail. For example, in most people it will include: work with papers at work, cooking dinner, helping your child in homework, cover on the table and washing the dishes, checking email and social networks, a little rest at the TV or reading a book.
Look at the list and consider whether all this time in such a short time? Very often planned more than given moments. That is why you need to decide what to do, and what better to forget. First ask the question: "Can I entrust this matter to anyone?". For example, washing dishes can be passed to the husband or wife. Perhaps something else happens to reallocate. Make a note and don't forget to ask the addressee to perform. Cross off those tasks from the list.
Look at the remaining things and put importance. The number one thing that needs to be done. Two are also important, but it must be done only after the first one. And so on throughout the list. Now you understand where to start. You can still close in every case to put the time that it requires to run. But it should be done carefully, do not leave the minimum period, keep in mind that performance may drop, so keep it casual time plus fifteen percent from the top.
The most difficult stage of the strikeout. Get them list at least two most recent points. Their importance is minimal, and you most likely won't make it, but after that day, if they stay, you will have a feeling of dissatisfaction. Therefore it is better to remove them at once. Of course, if you only have 3 points, two of them striking out should not be, but if the steps more than 6, then the two — it's not scary. And don't forget, when it's done, also delete it from the list, it will add enthusiasm.
Priorities in such simple questions, learn to do it too in other places. Even going to a meeting, write to, what to ask and what to achieve. And again — spend time is important and not secondary. This will increase performance in several times.