The plan of educational work is implemented in accordance with the tasks offered by the basic educational program of preschool educational institution. The work plans of educators are usually promising and schedules. Perspective can be arranged in a grid, which includes topics of study in accordance with the program. The purpose of employment, shall reflect the current annual objectives.
Form schedule teachers and administrators can determine and approve at the first faculty meeting in the academic year (usually done in late August). It is also usually done in the form of a grid, but can also be represented as a table. For teachers-in-training maintain a minimum valid schedule, where they can only do basic notes.
The schedule includes the following blocks: morning length of time, educational activities, walks, evening a period of time. Each unit involves specific tasks that are in the plan. This allows you to track the activity of a teacher, and to exercise self-control.
When planning in the afternoon block of classes, you need to control the load on children. It is best to include classes in visual art, music and sports. Group activities are also planned in the second half of the day.
When planning walks (day and evening) need to task an evening walk continued the tasks of the day. So knowledge will be assimilated by the children more successfully, securing new information will be faster.