Advice 1: How to freeze garlic

Freezing garlic is one of the most practical way of preserving the vegetable for the winter. It frozen garlic retains all the beneficial properties and also its flavor and aroma.
Freezing garlic is one of the most practical ways of preservation for the winter
You will need
  • - garlic;
  • - fresh herbs (dill, Basil, carrot, cloves, parsley etc.) - to taste;
  • - fridge, freezer;
  • - plastic bags or containers;
  • - napkins, paper towels.
To start, select fresh garlic for freezing, it needs to be no stains, mildew and rot. Gently remove with vegetable all visible dirt.
Peel outer layer of garlic, wash it and dry thoroughly. For this garlic spread on a special napkin or paper towel and wait until completely dry.
Peel the garlic cloves, cut into small flat plates. Also freeze garlic you can add other greens of your choice: dill, Basil, parsley, carrots, etc.
Prepare special plastic bags or containers that have planned for freezing garlic.
Put chopped garlic in plastic bags, leave the top of the pack about 2 inches of empty space. This place is necessary because the garlic when frozen will expand. In the package you want to distribute the garlic evenly, then what will facilitate the possibility of using the desired amount of frozen product. For this purpose it is best to use several small packages because after thawing, the garlic should not be frozen again.
It is also recommended when it comes to frozen vegetables, including garlic, stick in a plastic bag with a small label, which must indicate the date of freezing.
Place the bag with the garlic on a tray or baking sheet, press his hands to the frozen product evenly. Put the baking sheet or tray in the freezer.
Once the garlic is freeze, you can get it out of the fridge and spread thus as you wish to bags don't take up much space.
When using otlamyvanie from frozen garlic desired quantity and add to dishes such as stuffings, sauces, marinades and other dishes. Frozen garlic can be rubbed on a grater or chop with a sharp knife. To use frozen so garlic should be within 6 months.
Useful advice
Keep in mind that freezing the garlic needed to get your refrigerator and freezer provided for the possibility of setting a certain temperature. Frozen garlic can be stored at the temperature from -180 to -230 degrees. At higher temperature the shelf life of vegetable in a frozen state is reduced to 3 months.

Advice 2: Is it possible to freeze dill

Many Housewives are frozen dill in the winter. Frost is a very good way of storing greens. There are three methods of freezing dill: whole plants crushed and ice cubes.
Is it possible to freeze dill

Frozen dill

From freezing dill has advantages over traditional drying. Frozen dill preserves vitamins and essential oils. The taste and appearance of the dill out of the freezer a little different from a just picked from the garden. And dried dill loses its attractive bright green color and has a different taste.

It is no secret that the greens grown in the winter in greenhouses, has the same rich taste and beneficial properties, like summer. And besides the price of winter spices is much higher.

One of these spices is fennel, a bright, tart flavor that goes well with many meat, fish and vegetable dishes. It contains essential oils, minerals and vitamins. In order not to lack in this flavorful seasoning not only in summer but in winter, practical hostess came up to freeze the dill.

How to freeze dill for winter

In the first place the dill you need to prepare for freezing. To freeze selected the most fresh and fragrant plants. The stems should be washed under running water, and then put a wrap around on the towel.

Then you finely chop the herbs and pack it in a container, package or jar. To dill, you can add other plants such as green onion, parsley or celery. The proportions of the mix of herbs you choose according to your taste. Packed greens need to put in the freezer.

How to freeze dill without cutting

If you want to freeze the dill without slicing, you need to select young plants without a thick stalk. Fennel should be put in the package and tightly close it. If you need to grind such a dill before serving, then the package can go a few times with a rolling pin, and frozen stalks will break.

How to freeze dill in the ice

This method of freezing dill is fine if you want to add it to soups. Before sending into the freezer, washed and finely chopped dill should be placed in ice cube trays and cover with water. Frozen thus dill is very convenient to use because it is already divided into small portions. One cube of frozen dill will be enough to give the soup a unique flavor of summer.

It is important

Frozen herbs can be stored for a very long time without losing its useful properties and taste, but cannot be re-frozen. Therefore, freezing dill, raspakujte it in several small bags or containers to thaw only the amount of greens that you need.
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