You will need
  • Adobe Photoshop
Open in Photoshop the you want to work or create a new image.
To make one layer transparent with respect to another, place it above the layers panel. If you want to make a transparent background, unlock it by double click.
In order to make the layer transparent to the layers panel Layers (Window > Layers Window > Layers) you need to find the transparency slider Opacity. The movement of the slider left or right adjusts the transparency of the layer. The same function is performed by the Fill slider, located below.
Transparency on another layer, you can create impressive images. For this you need to change the layer transparency settings with Normal (left of Opacity slider on the layers panel) to any of the following list. The result of applying transparency to different layers is unpredictable, so in this case offers scope for experiment.
Layer transparency can also adjust the intensity of the filter layers applied to the image. With transparency, you can create the effect of "moire" or haze – for this you need to place the new layer on top of the base, fill it with white or black color, and adjust transparency.
In order to work only with pixel image, and not to affect the transparent layer, on the layers panel, click the Lock transparent pixels (the first icon on the panel Lock.
If transparent have to do certain parts and not the entire layer as a whole, we must first isolate those sections of the selection tools, and then click the Delete button or to handle the area using the eraser Eraser (the degree of transparency which can be adjusted).