To make from wood easy paddle, you don't need a lot of time. You can easily find the right materials, and also will be able to make the paddle in all conditions – even at home. In favor of this method of manufacture of oars also says high speed – you don't have a long time to process materials in order to obtain one oar.The only drawback of wooden oars in their fragility and relatively large weight (up to 1800).
Prepare two flat wooden slats section 20x30 mm. Also you will need epoxy resin, fiberglass, a piece of waterproof plywood 500х250 mm and 4 mm thick, and a piece of pine 20х20х100 mm.
Cut from plywood sheet blades of the oars. Make sure the plywood is of good quality and has no knots and holes. Fibre channel across the plywood paddle. Mark on the plywood the shape of the blade, and then cut it with a jigsaw. Grind the blade on both sides, sand the paper edges.
Take the plane and give the rails a rounded shape. Astrogate them and grind. Cut off the excess length – define the length of the oars in accordance with his height and landing on a boat or catamaran.
Billet paddles assemble with screws and epoxy glue. Saw off the handle of the paddle of a pine bar, saw in it a special groove and cut the end of the handle of the paddle. Screws and glue, fasten the knob on the handle.
Finish off with a paddle – use a rasp and sandpaper, and finally modify the shape of the handle, Polish it and clean the mount the handle to the handle. Glue the blade of the paddle fiberglass in two layers.
Then cut the fiberglass tape width of 20-30 mm and wrap her lap the handle of the paddle, and then criss-cross wrap her fastening of the handle to a handle to strengthen this place. Then re-wrap the tape from the fiberglass place of attaching the handle to the blade.
Abrade the surface of the blade, covered with fiberglass, using sandpaper, and then re-Polish all the paddle. Panel its lower part by a strip of aluminium with a thickness of 1,5-2 mm and a width of 20-30 mm. Clamp the aluminum copper rivets with a diameter of 5-6 mm. Zashpaklyuyte and Prime the surface of the paddle. If desired, paint it with waterproof paint.