In major companies, to comply with manufacturing standards, for applicants for the position of engineer of PTO imposes rather high requirements. This place needs to take an expert with specialized higher education and with experience of the profession at least 3-5 years. These high requirements are not the whim of the employer, they are due to the responsibility that rests with this specialist.

Often it depends on not only the safety of the production processes, but also the safety of those consumers who purchase goods and equipment produced by this company. This is especially important in such fields as construction, where technology is a guarantee of reliability, safety and durability of erected objects. It is therefore important to engineer VET knew all the details of technological processes of the production and managed to ensure their accurate and careful execution, because it depends primarily on the quality of the products. The ability to understand project documents, to assess its compliance with regulations and standards, and knowing these regulations and standards, as well as methodological guidance and industry documents are also required to become the engineer of PTO.

What is the responsibility of the engineer of PTO

Of course, each specific workplace duties may differ, they are defined in the job description, which the employee accepted the post of engineer, PHE, met and signed on his first working day.

If it is, for example, to work in a construction company, his duties will, inter alia, include:
- technical supervision of construction and installation works;
- verification of conformity of volumes and structures of approved design and estimate documentation and working drawings and the existing construction norms and rules, state and industry standards, specifications, norms of labor protection;
- resolve operational issues on the replacement materials used and changing design decisions without compromising quality and safety of construction objects;
- maintenance and control of the design and estimate documentation on objects;
- smachivanie construction works and compliance of completed projects and estimate documentation;
- matching the estimated costs with customers;
- resolution of disputes with subcontractors;
- check the estimates according to the form CS2 of the companies-subcontractors;
- maintenance of reporting documentation;
- participation in technical acceptance of facilities.