Before you buy honey, take a sniff. Real honey differs fragrant aroma. But honey with different impurities, no fragrant smell will not have. Is also a natural product should be completely homogeneous in color and consistency.
You can find counterfeit products in appearance. It happens that the honey is very white, this could indicate that bees fed with sugar.
Spoon honey. If it is quality, it won't drip from the spoon and evenly to flow down the binding tape.
RUB the honey between your fingers – it should quickly absorb into the skin, the fake honey will form lumps.
Pour into a transparent glass of water. Drip one drop of honey in a glass. If the drop does not dissolve, then this honey is for real. Otherwise, it means the product is impurities.
Another way to determine the quality of honey: if in a Cup of warm tea, add a teaspoon of quality honey, the tea should be darker and there will be no precipitate.
Also, beekeepers are advised to check the quality of honey with distilled water and iodine. This method is considered the most perfect. To do this, the water must be diluted with a little honey and drip into the solution, a bit of iodine. If the water were blue, the honey definitely added starch. And if in the same solution to drop a bit of vinegar and it will hiss, the honey contains extraneous impurities, such as chalk or flour. They are added to the honey to thicken.
Also some unscrupulous sellers add to the honey water and sugar. To determine their presence, take a thin paper and drip honey. If he's going to splatter or bleed through - it's the wrong med. In this honey water is not available.