Advice 1: How to check honey for sugar

Fake honey is easy enough, adding a diluted sugar, to distinguish fake only taste will, perhaps, only a very experienced beekeeper. But there are a few simple ways that can help in the selection of honey.
How to check honey for sugar
You will need
  • - white bread;
  • - bowl;
  • - med;
  • - rough paper;
  • - saucer;
  • - wooden stick.
Buy to start a honey 2-3 regular sellers of 100 grams per sample and check its quality. Cut a slice of white bread, pour a little honey into a separate bowl (if the test is carried out in the main dishes, where there is honey, there will be crumbs). Dip slice of bread in the honey for 10 minutes, remove, place on a saucer. Let's see what will become of the piece of bread if it will soften, before your sugar syrup, not honey; if cured, the honey quality.
Brew a weak, weak tea. Pour into a glass Cup tea through a strainer to the Cup from floating tea leaves. Put it in a tea with 1-2 teaspoons of honey, stir, watch, is there a precipitate if there is honey with added sugar, if the tea has darkened, but is no residue, a veritable honey.
Inspect the honey directly into the container at the time of purchase: if the honey is cloudy, with sediment, added sugar, starch or something similar; a real honey usually transparent (but acacia honey is unclear - this is normal), no matter what color he was.
Smell honey: if you added sugar, it will have no flavor.
RUB a little honey between your fingers: if the touch structure and rough on the fingertips remained matted clumps, then the honey is added sugar, if honey is easily rubbed and absorbed into the skin, then it's real.
Take a sheet of rough paper that absorbs moisture, put it on a silver platter. Dip in honey wooden stick, drip the honey onto the paper and watch what happens: if the honey will splatter or seep through, it is added to the sugar syrup.
Please note that over time, when honey gets old, it becomes cloudy and thickens. Look closely, what color is honey: if he is unnaturally white, it is the so-called "sugar honey"; the bees that did it, not released in the field to collect nectar, but simply fed sugar.
Check the consistency of honey: dip a spoon in a container of honey, slowly pull out the honey needs to "drain" thick ribbons to form "hills" on the surface.

Advice 2: How to check if honey is real or not

Honey has long been famous for their flavoring and medicinal properties. It contains over 50 trace elements. But to fully enjoy all the beneficial properties of this delicacy is necessary to know if the honey we buy. Ways to recognize the quality of honey is a lot, try a few of them.
How to check if honey is real or not
Before you buy honey, take a sniff. Real honey differs fragrant aroma. But honey with different impurities, no fragrant smell will not have. Is also a natural product should be completely homogeneous in color and consistency.
You can find counterfeit products in appearance. It happens that the honey is very white, this could indicate that bees fed with sugar.
Spoon honey. If it is quality, it won't drip from the spoon and evenly to flow down the binding tape.
RUB the honey between your fingers – it should quickly absorb into the skin, the fake honey will form lumps.
Pour into a transparent glass of water. Drip one drop of honey in a glass. If the drop does not dissolve, then this honey is for real. Otherwise, it means the product is impurities.
Another way to determine the quality of honey: if in a Cup of warm tea, add a teaspoon of quality honey, the tea should be darker and there will be no precipitate.
Also, beekeepers are advised to check the quality of honey with distilled water and iodine. This method is considered the most perfect. To do this, the water must be diluted with a little honey and drip into the solution, a bit of iodine. If the water were blue, the honey definitely added starch. And if in the same solution to drop a bit of vinegar and it will hiss, the honey contains extraneous impurities, such as chalk or flour. They are added to the honey to thicken.
Also some unscrupulous sellers add to the honey water and sugar. To determine their presence, take a thin paper and drip honey. If he's going to splatter or bleed through - it's the wrong med. In this honey water is not available.

Advice 3: Can I eat honey for high blood sugar

Hyperglycemia or the constantly elevated blood sugar — a nasty chronic condition. Its causes can be very different, but without a special diet to deal with hyperglycemia is almost impossible.
Can I eat honey for high blood sugar

What can I eat with high blood sugar levels?

For getting rid of hyperglycaemia (it is, alas, often accompanied by diabetes) you need to stick to a diet, which normalizes carbohydrate metabolism. From the diet should exclude sugar and its derivatives, eating more fiber-rich vegetables, regularly count the number of consumed carbohydrates, fats and proteins.
Many scientists believe that honey is a kind of elixir of youth, and recommend to use it regularly to prolong life.

In people with hyperglycemia often the question arises — is it possible to eat honey? Doctors believe that a small amount of this product will not hurt. First, a significant portion of all sugars of honey is fructose, which unlike glucose does not lead to hyperglycemia, and secondly, the use of honey (even small amounts) simplifies the rejection of sugar and sweet products, thirdly, honey is extremely useful. The doctors think that in case of hyperglycemia, you can use it two or three times a day on a teaspoon.

What's good honey?

In the honey contains a lot of vitamins, it has restorative properties for the human body. This product is recommended for use in nervous exhaustion, liver, heart and stomach. It significantly softens the mucous membranes, making it especially valuable in the treatment of cough and sore throat. Scientists have found that honey has several antibacterial properties, meaning it is able to destroy pathogenic microbes, or at least delay their development. Therefore, despite the presence of sugars, some doctors recommend eating a small amount of honey if you have caries, which by just harmful microbes.
It is worth considering that while heating honey above fifty degrees Celsius, it becomes carcinogenic.

Patients with hyperglycemia, it is very important to provide the body with all necessary vitamins, that is why it is so important honey. It is believed that 200 grams of honey contain as much nutrients and minerals as almost half a kilo of fish oil. Honey contains minerals in the form of salts, which participate in the biochemical processes of the human body.

However, honey is not considered to be a dangerous allergen. It should be noted that an Allergy usually is not the product itself, and a variety of impurities that can be found in honey is not too high quality. Therefore, it is important to buy honey from trusted and reliable sellers. Before the use of honey you can check your body for presence of adverse reactions. For this you need a very small amount of matter spread on the crook of the elbow. If within ten minutes after that the skin did not appear redness, irritation or itching, honey you can eat.
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