If in the encyclopedia of beekeeping, released in 1876, evidence of possible forgery of honey was limited to the sugar syrup and alum, after so many years, the methods of falsification valuable product become more sophisticated. To purchase among thousands of beautiful jars of honey one that will not just sweet but healthy, you need to be some kind of expert.

Determined by eye

Not every honey, come down to the shop counter, natural. Experts in one voice told that you need to take only beekeeper on the recommendations of friends or on the market close to see, smell and try. Watching the content even clear jars, as honey is not to determine if only the fake will not give the separation of different colors. This happens due to incorrect storage or indicates addition of sugar syrup. The only advantage of in-store purchases that can be made at any time of the year. The honey on the market is a seasonal product.

The person looking for the best honey, will be disappointed – no such thing in nature. Since honey is processed by bees the nectar of plants, as there are in the world, blooming varieties, so many may be the varieties of honey. Lime is good for colds, meadow for activities of the gastrointestinal tract, acacia is recommended for diabetics and children, brown – in cardiovascular diseases. They are all useful, if natural. Therefore, search the market follows natural honey.

A cursory choice may be to pay attention to the colour, consistency and smell. Although the latter method validation is highly questionable, because natural honey may not have a pronounced flavor. It all depends on the habitat of bees. Color the most common types of honey you ingest. For example, buckwheat is not confused with it. It is dark in color with a pungent smell and taste of bitterness. Fake – amber is also quite fragrant. Clover is also amber in color but has a pinkish hue. Meadow is much lighter these species, and its flavor can be in a wide range of growing there herbs and flowers. But crimson raspberries and smells but? oddly enough, the colour is almost white.

Sticky texture – a sure sign of quality honey. If you put it in the contents of a wooden stick or spoon, the honey will drain from it in a continuous, thin thread, forming at the end of the tubercle, which is not immediately absorbed into the General mass of honey. Poor quality honey will fall off of separate drops or spray.

How to check the quality of honey at home

You can, of course, all necessary for the experiment to bring to the market. But seasoned buyers suggest, examining the honey in the eye, buy any 2-3 of the sample in grams by 100 to in a calm atmosphere at home, not in the commotion of the Bazaar, thoroughly check and return for substantial purchase.

One of the most common ways of checking the quality of honey is its connection to iodine. Natural honey no components that could react to the iodine color change. It is best not to drip the iodine directly to the honey, and to pre-dissolve the product in warm water. If you add in honey water 3-4 drops of iodine, it had not changed color – natural honey.

Otherwise, the water will become blue. So, there is starch or flour, which are added for volume and viscosity. In the same container to drip of vinegar, it will Fizz will announce this Supplement, as chalk dust, which is added for the same purpose.

The old way of testing by chemical pencil. They either held the line on the hand and then apply a drop of honey, or sharp pencil stuck in honey. Quality honey will not leave a trace from a pencil, and diluted with water with sugar syrup will leave behind a blue trail. The presence of water in honey can be checked by lowering a piece of bread. After some time it will increase in volume, what should not be.

You can, just returning from the market, drink tea, there dipped a spoonful of honey. Poor quality honey will leave at the bottom of the Cup residue. You can omit the raw egg in honey. Naturalness confirms its ability not to sink in the content. If the honey is added starch, then hot milk at the connection is minimized. There are many ways to expose unscrupulous sellers of honey. And make it not a sin, because the honey product is not cheap and is often taken for health benefits.