Give your baby a chance to play with all sorts of objects, different in size, shape, texture, etc. As a rule, children find themselves required to play the game of boxes, plastic bottles, sticks, pieces of fabric, paper and other "teaching AIDS". In addition, in any toy shop sold a variety of fixtures aimed at the development of motor skills, ranging from soft books with smooth, ringing, rustling, velvet stripes and different protruding elements, and ending with a mini Playground.
You must teach the child to pour water from the smaller dishes in the larger and Vice versa. You can also help him to collect water from the tap into a Cup or handles (strainer) to catch floating in the bath small items. Of course, it is better to show him the game while bathing so he doesn't wet the clothes. There are special wind-up toys bath: swimming crabs, fish, crustaceans, etc., which in the eyes of kids is even more attractive prey.
For the development of motor skills of the fingers allow the child to play with bulk materials. In the summer, for this purpose you can use the usual sandbox. Show him how many kinds of actions you can perform with sand, sprinkle it with your hands or a shovel in the different shapes of buckets, peresypaya from one hand to another, screening, sculpt mud pies, even if he destroys them, trying to make their own.
Is the sandbox you can use for games rump. It is advisable to vary the kind of cereal that the kid is not tired of the game. Peresypaya it from one vessel into another, take a spoon or scoop, load truck, transport, unload. If a child tries to chew the cereal - replace with salt. Any kid won't eat salt, try it once.
Develop fine motor skills of hands of the child through play with beads, buttons, pasta, beans, etc. At the same time, be sure to follow the kid, otherwise he might swallow something or shove the spout, imagination and curiosity they do not occupy. Games are about the same as grits. You can also make a small hole in a cardboard box with a lid and show how to push back beads, put them in the cells for eggs. In short, whereitis as you can.