Currently, the government actively supports the youth and families, in particular working on the program of supply of young families with affordable housing.

Now there is a law that allows young families to obtain land for individual housing construction. However, remember that young is the family in which the age of both (it is both) of the spouses is less than 35 years. Note that if at least one of the spouses was already 36 years or more, the young family is no longer considered, and therefore the corresponding benefits has not.
Also note that in order to apply for obtaining land from the state, the family must be recognized as needing improved housing conditions. In order for your family was considered as in need of better housing conditions, contact the local authorities of municipalities of the place of residence of your family. This recognition will be made on the basis of article 51 of the Housing code of the Russian Federation for recognition of citizens in need of accommodation provided under contracts of social hiring.
The assurances of the government the cost of land for young families is, so to speak, purely symbolic. The family will be enough only to pay for design costs and other costs, including site preparation and the summing up of communications will be made from the city budget.