The procedure of registration of individual exactly the same regardless of which time she goes to a specific citizen. They should fill the statement, to assure him of a notary, to pay the state duty and to hand over documents to the tax office. Depending on the region it can be the same tax where it is registered the address of registration at place of residence, or an individual registered on.

To clarify this question by using the search service on the site FNS of Russia. If there is registered on the documents necessary to carry it.
Procedure of filling application for registration to those who already had the experience of being in the IE status familiar and much change in recent years has not undergone. It is necessary to fill only the column relevant to the specific case of the entrepreneur, the sections are intended for filling by a notary and the tax authorities, nothing to write, and NACE codes to indicate need for your case number, if necessary, adding a dedicated section to the desired number of sheets.
Completed application notarized. The price of his services in the case, when you register FE is not the first time, may be higher than the primary with this procedure.
Once notarized staple the leaves to the statements on the reverse side in the binding of paste paper with the date, the number of sheets and your signature.
Pay the state duty for the registration of IE. This can be done in any branch of Sberbank, and to generate a receipt using the service to create payment instructions on the website of the FTS (don't forget to choose a receipt for cash payment, not a payment order for transfer from the Bank account).

Often get a receipt in the tax office, the payment details are also available on the website of the regional UFNS.
With a ready package of documents, visit tax office. If they are right, within five days of the ready certificate of state registration of individual entrepreneurs and an extract from egrip.