Advice 1: How to make a copy of your passport

Making a copy of the passport is not particularly difficult. The only question is the requirements from the organization, which it is intended: as required pages, what do I need to assure it at the notary or simple enough, do I need to flash the document. Depending on this, determines the order of necessary actions.
How to make a copy of your passport
You will need
  • - original passport;
  • - a copy machine;
  • - stapler or a needle and thread (not in all cases);
  • - glue, a sheet of paper and a pen (not in all cases);
  • - notary services (not in all cases).
Specify all of the requirements of copies in the organization, which she took. This will help you avoid extra costs and body movements and immediately prepare the document that you want.
In most cases, a simple copy of the passport. In this case, you can make copies of pages through the copier in the office or at home or go to any place provide such services, report, copies of which pages you need and make the payment.
Often necessary only turns with your personal details and photo and information about the registration address. But may be required and all pages with stamps or, less frequently, generally all pages of the passport.
Special case - copy of passport of the individual entrepreneur. Upon presentation of it in tax, you usually need to staple all pages steppleton or thread and glue on the back of the place of bond paper indicating the number of sheets, date, signature, its decoding and the presence of a seal.
In some organizations, the entrepreneur must assure a copy of your passport with the inscription "true Copy", date, personal signature, its decoding and the presence of a seal.
If you need strictly a notarized copy, contact the notary with your passport and pay for his services according to the current pricelist, and he will do all that is necessary.

Advice 2: How to certify a copy of the passport

In many cases it is sufficient to present a simple copy of the passport. If you need a certified, check with your company that you need to provide all the requirements for certification. However, often mandatory visa notary.
How to certify a copy of the passport
You will need
  • - the original document;
  • - money to pay for services based upon the certification by the notary).
To get copies of passport, visa, notary, suffice it to refer to any of them with the original passport and cash to pay for services pursuant to the price list (average of around 100 rubles per page).
If the assistant notary does not remove copies of the document itself, you will have to do this at the nearest place where such service is provided. Find it next to the notary's office usually easy: there's a demand, there is supply.
It is best to call the office selected the notary and to clarify this point, not to visit it then twice.
In some cases, a copy of the passport of the individual entrepreneur or the head of the organization may certify itself its owner. Usually this applies to documents submitted to the tax bodies and extrabudgetary funds.
In this case, you must write on each page "true Copy", sign, indicating their positions (entrepreneurs and write "Individual owner") and signature, to specify the date and the stamp.
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