For starters, you need to keep in mind that all notaries - nationality of the Russian Federation. This is probably the easiest requirement to meet the applicant who wants to obtain this position.

Second, the excellent studies at the faculty of law - you should be a specialist in the field of law to become a notary, and a wide profile, education should not be one-sided.

Thirdly, get an education, it is necessary to achieve the practice of a notary. It should be at least a year, but the task is somewhat easier then that lawyer may be practicing and private. However, if you will already have experience as a lawyer, by law you can apply to the Ministry of justice and the Federal notary chamber reduced this period to six months.

Next, you will take the exam for a qualification that will be approved by a special Committee at the higher education Institution will have to compete with dozens of competitors in one place. If you do not pass the competition, next time to retake the exam will be possible only after a year, again competing with many contestants.

If you are involved in a limited number of the lucky ones, who successfully passed the competitive tests, you can expect swearing and license within a month after the exam. But if you do not proceed directly to the work of a notary for three years, you would have to prepare for the tough exam and start the procedure of obtaining a license again.

Why can you not get the coveted job, even with an official license-permit on hand? Unfortunately, for many applicants, the number of notaries for each city is constant, strictly limited by law. To apply for the position when it, respectively, free. And this can happen only in a few cases - if a running notary will retire, sell their place, deciding to voluntarily leave your place, lose your license (and that means a criminal punishment, no less). And these cases are very rare. And the number of licenses issued, all in increasing numbers.

Why give out so many licenses - also understandable. There are, in addition to exams, lots of fees (and very big) that must be paid by each applicant. Therefore, the choice of the notary is very profitable - no wonder so many want to get, but to become a notary may be the only one who actually will show their perseverance to achieve this profession.