You will need
  • - glossy paint;
  • - acrylic matte varnish;
  • - matting additives.
Paint the walls gloss paint that is best suited for the room. Use the easiest way how to make glossy paint matte in the final stages of design the walls cover them with a matte acrylic varnish. After drying, the walls will get a smooth shade without the unwanted Shine.
Regular gasoline removes glossy Shine, so wipe the walls are cleaned with gasoline. In the absence of the desired effect clean painted surfaces with fine sandpaper. Try to act carefully, treating only the top layers of paint.
Add in the paint matting additive, for example, baby powder, tooth powder, dolomite or rice flour. To make a gloss paint matte and not lighten it, add not more than 10% of the powder, then well filter the resulting mixture. Remember that when working with the airbrush, powdered, matting additives are contraindicated, otherwise it will clog the sprayer.
To make a gloss paint matte will help the wax or paraffin. Add a small amount of the substance in the jar, mix well the contents. Test the paint on the wall, if necessary, add an additional portion of the paraffin or wax.
If in the process of painting a homemade Matt paint it is a long time to dry on the surface, but solidifies in the Bank, periodically add thinner in small portions. Or originally use as matting additives silver paste.
When storing paint on its surface appears glossy base, and the pigment settles to the bottom. Pipette collect the top layer of paint or carefully drain it. It is important to fully remove the liquid fraction. Mix the paint and paint the walls, starting with a small plot on which to observe the result.