Keep in mind that strings in addition to the practical values are still set to decorative or aesthetic. Choose the required type, depending on the underlying style of the room and the fabric from which made the curtains. So, for example, for a room in country style as a tie-like ribbon, as satin curtains will look elegant if they are tied with a cord with tassels.
Not less important is the fact that if you tie the curtains on two sides, the strings must be mirror symmetrical to each other. If in a room of a single wide blind, it is also possible to tie up, and it will look no less impressive than a pair of curtains.
Don't forget that with the help of tying curtains can significantly change the shape of the window. So, if you need to lengthen the window and visually make it narrower, keep the ties up high. If you want to make the window smaller and wider podesavate the curtains at a height 1/3 from the floor.
Depending on the form that you want to give the curtains, you need to determine the location of the drawstring. There are three main options for their positions. If you slip the curtain are quite rare – can secure the drawstring around the eaves. In this case, it will allow you to gather the curtain in folds, and lifted above the level of the floor of its front edge.
To tie up the curtain at the center, you need to install it over the hook for tying. After fixing a small overlap on the plot and give the curtain the desired shape. If your curtains are made of a flowing material, if desired, may be mounted at different heights, two or three hooks, respectively, to tie the curtain two or three ties forming from her lush Boothe. The most spectacular, the reception will be in the case of registration of the curtains floor length.
If you want to make the eyeballs at the bottom of the curtains, then to secure it you need to install a holder for it on the side of the window, approximately 1/3 of the entire length of the curtains (taking into account that the starting point you take the floor). If you use a cord with long tassels, the place of securing straps should be positioned above.