You will need
  • - Tulle;
  • - ledge;
  • - transparent hooks or clips.
  • ring;
  • - white thread and needle;
  • - scissors;
  • - large range;
  • - curtain tapes;
  • - a sewing machine.
Remove the cornice from the window and put on his ring. The rings hook transparent hooks or clamps, all that you have. They can be mounted right on the ledge, but it rings more advantage – they will be easier to slide on the ledge, and they look more attractive.
The poles with rings and clips back to her place, only it should be done carefully, keeping the cornice in horizontal position so that the ring will not come loose with it.
With a ruler measure the desired length and width of the piece of tulle with a small margin to edge processing. Fold the edge twice and baste the edges of the tulle. Sew the edges of the tulle on the sewing machine. Scissor thread that you swept away the tulle and pull them. On the upper edge tulle white sew curtain tape. Need to do stitching on the sewing machine on all edges of the braid and one in the middle. White thread attach the tulle loop. So they were less noticeable, make them shorter than usual, or sew a little below the edge of the tulle from the window.
Put the loops on the hooks and stretch the ring around the eaves. Spread the tulle. If you want to make hooks or clips are invisible to the eye, they should be transparent. To hang the tulle, you can use plastic rings. Iron more suited to curtains, as curtains are much heavier. If you decide not to use the ring, and attach the hooks or clips directly to the eaves, then choose such that they glide easily along the eaves. If you will constantly pull the tulle loop will not sustain and will have to sew a new one.