You will need
  • Clean water.
Clean water. The water that runs from the tap - technical, especially if you live in the city. Today, there are 3 types of filters. First – keep the water clean from particulate impurities (e.g., dirt) and are usually placed on the water supply system, the second from rust, chlorine, heavy metal salts. If you have a second type of filter, water is necessary to defend at least a day, otherwise when boiling impurities are transformed into toxic substances. The third type of filters have appeared recently, and as stated by the seller, cleanse almost all dirt.
Drink clean water every day. After the water has been cleaned, boil it to the "white keys".
A good water – melt. It can be obtained after cleaning the filters first and the second types. Water is put in the refrigerator. The first formed crust of ice is thrown and again put in the refrigerator. The water should freeze to a state of approximately 50-50%. Break the ice and empty the water. The remaining ice defrost in a natural way. This is melt water. This water drinking centenarians living in the mountains.
When receiving melt water and boiling destroyed the structural memory of watercontaining the negativity that it has absorbed on the way to your tap. It can also be destroyed, "configuring" water for good. Pour the water into a glass. Log in contact with her. Think about the good, good. Ask her what you need (for example, cure knee). Do it consciously. Do not forget to thank the water.
Wipe an ice cube to the face, neck, hands. It will improve blood circulation and provide the skin with vital force clean water.
Spill cold or ice water. This makes blood circulation, energizes and tones. Cold water need to be mentally prepared to not bring the body harm. Taking a shower in the evening, visualize how the water washes away all the unnecessary and carries it into the pipe. And in the morning, visualize how the water gives you strengthand fills the body with vivacity. To relieve fatigue and negativity take a bath. Adjust the water before it go to bed.
Wash underwear often, especially because modern means it is not so difficult. Water washes away the accumulated information on the clothes. Buy a MOP and clean often. No need to do it globally, just dampen the floor, brushing the dust. If you buy the MOP, which itself is pressed, it will do not difficult. But the effect is worth it.
Spend time in nature near sources of water. Whenever possible, choose pure water. If this fails, make a small fountain or pond in the country. If no garden, buy mini fountain which can be put on the table. Sit for a few minutes about water. Behold it with open eyes, then close them and listen to the water. Dip your fingertips into the pond. Feel the contact with water.