You will need
  • Laptop;
  • program Ccleaner;
  • program TuneUp Utilities;
  • the driver disk that you received when buying a laptop
Now almost all models of laptops are running Windows 7 or Windows Vista. These two operating systems use Aero interface for the desktop. The interface work involves considerable computer resources. So it you want to disable.
To do this, just right click on an empty space on the desktop. A context menu will appear. Click "personalization". In the right window will be available to select. From the list, select "simplified theme" or "classic". Click on the save command.
Another way to speed up your laptop is the adjustment of the startup programs. Very often on the laptop in the background can run many programs, and the user will not even know about it. These programs start with Windows. Each program resides in memory and reduces the speed of the laptop.
To control startup, use the program Ccleaner. In the Internet there are many free but with limited functionality versions of the program. Will suit absolutely any.
Run Ccleaner. Open the "tools" tab and select "startup". In the window that opens displays a list of all the programs that start with Windows. Uncheck the boxes next to those programs that are not needed. Leave only the most popular apps. For example, antivirus application or email client.
To speed up the performance of the laptop will also help to install drivers for the chipset of laptop. Many people ignore installing this driver, because without it all the functions of the laptop work. Installing this driver optimizes the performance of your laptop.
Take the driver disk that you received when you purchased the laptop. Insert the disc in the drive and wait until it takes off. In the tab "driver" select "Chipset drivers". The installation will start, after which you are prompted to restart the computer. Agree.
The next step is cleaning of the Windows registry. To do this, download and install the program TuneUp Utilities. In the program menu, select the "system optimizer", then click "clean" registry. The program will remove all the unnecessary components that slow down the speed of the laptop.