If you want to learn how to read runes, to begin to acquire a set of special runes for divination. Early runes for divination carved on stones or pieces of wood. It is believed that divination is best suited runes made by the owner himself. In the manufacture of runes is no big deal – it is sufficient to prepare twenty-four plates of equal size and apply to each of them one of the runic symbols. However, if you doubt your abilities – you can just buy runes in the store.

In order to practice divination on the runes, you must unquestioningly believe in the information they reveal. To each of the runes it is necessary to form a personal relationship. Remember that runes can answer almost any question. So, how do you read runes? The most comfortable and versatile scenario consists of a single rune. The process of divination in this case is reduced to the formulation of the question. Once you formulate your question, get out of the bag one rune: it will be the answer. Another popular method of divination – the alignment of three runes. Guess must formulate a question (preferably as specific as possible), and then pull out of the bag three runes and lay them hardly right to left. The first rune interprets the essence of the situation is its core. The second rune sets the direction in which to move. The third rune gives information about what the situation is resolved. The runes in the scenario affect each other, therefore, to be interpreted all the runes in the complex. The same alignment of the three runes can give information about any individual. Is the situation in this case would be to unpack the identity of the person.

You should warn newbies away from the common pitfalls that often make lovers divination on the runes. The main mistake – the desire to immediately get answers to any questions. Such answers will not give you any alignment. One should clearly formulate the question, and then you will get a specific and clear answer. If you don't believe in the correctness of the answers, it is not necessary to read the runes – lost all sense of divination. Treat runes as a fun game, it is impossible. The runes are ancient signs demanding respect. And should not the first step is to try a large number of tech – limit two or three of the most simple layouts, learn how to work with them.