Decide who will visit your institution. It is important to all: gender, age, income. This is necessary in order to convey an advertising message to potential customers.
Sign up on sites where you can publish information about cafe. Some sites offer this service for free, others for money. The information about cafes in niche sites directories will give the desired result.
Order in the design Studio the development of a corporate style cafe. The appearance of promotional materials plays a very important role. Even a beautifully designed sign can attract more customers.
Type in printing promotional materials. In no case do not skimp on the quality of the print. It can be colored leaflets, in which you place the necessary information about your café. If the cafe has a delivery service to the house, will place brochures, menus photos. To attract customers will also help discounts listed in the booklet.
Advertise cafes in local Newspapers and magazines. So you reach the a large number of potential customers. Some media work with advertisers on barter.
Place a promotional video on local television. Is recommended to do this if you have sufficient advertising budget. The cost of this type of advertising for a cafe large enough.
A good result can give contextual ads in the Internet. Place them in popular systems of online advertising ("Yandex.Direct", "Runner"). Using location targeting, you can customize the ads so that they show up in a certain region. For this you need a website which can be ordered in any Studio web design.
It's about how not to lose regular customers. Develop a system of incentives. Enter discount coupons, loyalty cards, gifts. These measures will also play in your favor. News of good cafes will spread quickly.