Provide a menu of a wide variety of delicious and interesting dishes. Pay special attention to their execution and submission. The majority of visitors do not prefer those restaurants where the best cuisine, and the places with the best atmosphere and level of service. Fast service, courtesy of staff and a cozy atmosphere in the room will create about your place the most pleasant experience. In addition to delicious food, ensure the availability of cultural and entertainment programs. It could be karaoke, live music, dance shows and much more.
Proanaliziruite day free glass of wine or beer. The effectiveness of this method is short, but gives you the opportunity to attract new customers who, if lucky, can become regular visitors to your establishment. Conduct a variety of events and activities with participation of mass media. Of course, to get media coverage, the event must be significant or original. Conducting special promotions with celebrities will require considerable cash outlay.
Maintain a high professional level of employees. The staff also can dial overseas or poach from a competitor. But not every restaurateur of the middle class can afford to use headhunting: good professionals, capable of one his name to attract customers are expensive. In this case, use the services of consultants. The chef from another country can bring diversity and national character in a range of dishes. To increase two to three times the number of visitors on weekends and holidays arranging holidays with a focus on children. Create a playroom where parents can leave the child for some time, also have a positive impact on the flow of customers.