The data of the passport affixed to each document, indicate the number and series, when and by whom issued and affixed by the code of the Department of internal Affairs to whom the document was issued.
In order to know the authenticity of the passport, contact the immigration service or at the place of registration to the passport Department.
Produce your identity documents.
Complete the application form in which you entered your data and listed the reasons for you to learn this information.
Your application will give the information you need.
If you need to know the details of the passport according to the available information, which consists only of name, then do the same method.
On the website migration service you can only know if there really is such a passport. The data are issued after the introduction of the exhaustive data which carry the document number, series, name of owner.
To personally verify the authenticity of passports and of belonging, the holder needs to look closely at the picture, questioning the place of registration, name and surname, place of birth, date. If the passport is fake, then the scammer will make a mistake, not thoroughly analyzing the information.
Look carefully at the passport, the presence of watermarks, luminous signs, etc.
Check the match number and series on all pages.
If all checks have been successful, the passport is genuine and you can feel free to make the owner legally significant transactions.