Advice 1: How to cut slices

The taste of the finished dish depends not only on quality products but also the way you handle them. Professional chefs know which foods are best to cut sliceswhich cubes or cubes. The slices flat piece of any product. Usually in this form, sliced meats, bread, cheese and some vegetables.
How to cut slices
You will need
  • - a large sharp knife;
  • Board;
  • - slicer;
  • products
It is most convenient to cut products into slices with a special slicer or slicers. Some floats have included a special nozzle, which is a single blade, itanee in a plastic base at a certain angle. With this nozzle it is possible to cut hard cheeses, ham, sausage, cucumbers, zucchini. You must be very careful not to cut your fingers. Especially if included with the grater is no special holder for the cut product.
If you have a slicer, then your ability to visualize typically, these tools provide the ability to adjust slice thickness from 2 millimeters to 2 centimeters, can be cut into and the softer and less homogeneous than in the previous case, products - low-fat varieties of cheese, bread, tomatoes, salami.
If neither one nor the other in your kitchen Arsenal no use a knife. It is desirable to use a so-called knife of the chef. The longer, wider and sharper, the better. If the size of the cut product is small, put the focus on the tip of a knife and, without lifting it from the Board, make slices. If you want to slice the cheese, use a knife, string, cheese with noble mold is a special knife with a solid blade.
A slice of white bread 1 cm thick in a standard sandwich weighs 20 g. If spread on a slice of butter, its calories 110 kcal, add a thin slice of sausage and the calories will increase to 150 kcal. And if from above to put a slice of cheese, then get ready to absorb 170 kcal.

The thinner the slice, the easier it bends without breaking. This property is used in creating jewelry for ready meals.
Useful advice
To slice a soft tomato slices, and pierce his skin with the tip of a knife and gently split the vegetable in half. Cut slices of desired thickness from the side of the slice.

Very thin slices called carpaccio. They take their name from the Italian dish of raw beef - fresh meat is very thinly sliced and seasoned with sauce or olive oil. Now, in many restaurants you can meet a carpaccio of vegetables, fruits or fish.

Advice 2: How to chop vegetables

Vegetables is a frequent guest on our table, without them cooking first and second courses. Of them do the toppings and eating them separately, cut and tucked. From how to cut vegetables depends largely on the taste of prepared meals. Properly chop the vegetables very important and in salads.
How to chop vegetables
For salads that use cooked rice and peas with meat or fish, other vegetables, usually cut into cubes to the salad had a smooth consistency. Such salads include, for example, the famous "Olivier". It has all the ingredients should be chopped finely, not to chew separate large pieces of vegetables included in its composition. This also applies to the salad, every bite of this salad needs to give a complex taste.
In order to cut the vegetables into cubes, cut them into plates 5-7 mm, each of which is then cut into wedges and then cubes. For hot salads, make cubes larger than about 1 centimeter.
If the salad includes raw beets or carrots, they are rubbed on a grater or cut in thin strips. To do this, first cut into segments which are then comminuted in a straw, the thickness of which does not exceed 1-2 mm and a length of 3-4 cm.
If the salad of cucumbers and tomatoes, cutting them in slices, and bell pepper cut into 4 pieces and cut into strips. The onions in this salad cut into half rings.
Vegetableswith a round shape – tomato-cherry tomatoes, radishes, cut into wedges. Onions, depending on the type of salad can be chopped in small cubes.
Cabbage-broccoli, cut into several pieces, cauliflower disassemble on inflorescences and slightly welded, then finely chop. Cabbage, in General, cut thin strips, additionally sometimes straw cut into 2-3 pieces so that it was not too long.
Leafy vegetables like spinach and salads are now made with finely tearing hands, but parsley, cilantro and dill is to chop it with knife. Green onions cut small rings, and their width should not be more than 2-3 mm.
Useful advice
Vegetables are always cut before serving, sliced, they cannot be stored for long periods because they lose valuable properties.

Advice 3: How to cut sausage

The guest of honor, brighten up any meal. The product, without which none of the Breakfast in many families. Lifesaver if in the fridge – the ball rolled. What is it about? Of course, as you probably already knew about the sausage. By the way, do you know how to cut the sausage?
Sausage - guest of honor at any feast
You will need
  • - sharp thin knife or a serrated knife
Naraschivanie sausage for the sausage from the skin. Take a thin knife with a serrated or steak knife and start to slice the sausage into thin slices, trying to cut each slice slightly diagonally – like on the diagonal. Lay the slices on a dish and garnish it with herbs, olives, tomatoes, Chery. If the dish is made with sausage for a holiday feast – it is advisable to cut a few varieties of sausages – for example, two types of ham, bacon, pork chops, smoked sausage, sausages from poultry.
Sausage for buterbrodov if the sausage is sliced for sandwiches or canapés – it is necessary to show imagination and make the pieces any shape. With a sharp thin knife slice the cooked sausage or ham in the shape of stars, triangles and other shapes.
Sausage for zlatolicje, capital and other traditional salads it is impossible to imagine without the sausage. Even within the traditional summer dishes – hash it takes pride of place among the ingredients. How to cut sausage for teams of dishes right?In a salad, hodgepodge sausage (often boiled) cut into small cubes. In General, there is a rule that all components of salads such as Olivier must be of the same caliber.
Useful advice
If you doubt your abilities thinly slice, for example, a smoked sausage – ask to do workers of the supermarket where you purchased the product. For this they have a special device for slicing. The seller is obliged to slice the delicacy on demand and absolutely free.
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