You will need
  • - a large sharp knife;
  • Board;
  • - slicer;
  • products
It is most convenient to cut products into slices with a special slicer or slicers. Some floats have included a special nozzle, which is a single blade, itanee in a plastic base at a certain angle. With this nozzle it is possible to cut hard cheeses, ham, sausage, cucumbers, zucchini. You must be very careful not to cut your fingers. Especially if included with the grater is no special holder for the cut product.
If you have a slicer, then your ability to visualize typically, these tools provide the ability to adjust slice thickness from 2 millimeters to 2 centimeters, can be cut into and the softer and less homogeneous than in the previous case, products - low-fat varieties of cheese, bread, tomatoes, salami.
If neither one nor the other in your kitchen Arsenal no use a knife. It is desirable to use a so-called knife of the chef. The longer, wider and sharper, the better. If the size of the cut product is small, put the focus on the tip of a knife and, without lifting it from the Board, make slices. If you want to slice the cheese, use a knife, string, cheese with noble mold is a special knife with a solid blade.