You will need
  • - Cleaning mirrors
  • Onion
  • - Sponge, rags, cotton wool, Newspapers
  • - Water
  • - Ammonia (or petrol and burnt magnesia)
  • - Mel
  • - Vinegar
  • - Foil
  • - Transparent adhesive tape
  • - Scissors
  • - Silicone sealant
  • - Toothpicks
  • - Wax and turpentine (optional)
Give the mirror to the original purity and transparency, if it is very dirty and faded. You can use the special means for cleaning of glass surfaces and to act according to the instructions. There are many available tools with which help the hostess clean the mirror. For example,
• need to cut an onion and wipe it place on the glass canvas, where the flies alighted.
• Dim mirror can be cleaned with a sponge dipped in a mixture of water and ammonia or cleaned of gasoline and burnt magnesia (all in equal parts).
• Add 200 g of water 2 tablespoons of crushed chalk and the vinegar. Thoroughly stir the mixture, which entered into reaction. After settling of the solution clear liquid from the sediment and use it for cleansing heavily contaminated mirror surface. Be careful – the medium should not get amalgam or wooden frame.
To restore the mirror with the scratched side using foil. Take it only perfectly smooth sheet of new packaging – even a small wrinkle in the patch will spoil the impression from the mirror. Take a strip of foil slightly larger than the scratch; stick it using transparent tape.
Use silicone sealant for priming scratches on the silver amalgam. You must thoroughly clean the affected area with a mixture of water and alcohol and wipe dry. Then begin to gently fill in cracks with silicone acting a sharpened wooden sticks (you can take a toothpick). After dry, carefully remove the excess and wipe the restored mirror damp, then dry cloth.