Advice 1: How to exit chat on Skype

As it is sometimes nice to talk to someone you haven't seen, especially if your friend or acquaintance is far away from you. And not just chat, through email or phone, to see the native person, to hear the desired voice. Or even hold an online conference with business partners - eye contact is a lot more to tell you about the people than a simple phone conversation.
How to exit chat on Skype
All that is needed for such communication is a headset, webcam and Skype. It differs from other programs, such as ICQ, QIP or Jabber, is that you can talk in chat with one person or with dozens of people. However, the communication should be so open, but because there are situations when you need to remove one of the interlocutors of the chat or "clean up" the whole group.
To delete a contact group, right-click on the group name in the contacts list, select "delete". Modern versions of the programs do not allow to simultaneously remove multiple groups, which means you need to remove each separately. But it often doesn't work: the thing is that a deleted contact, maybe you do not belong. In this case, find someone who you added to the chat and ask them to remove you.
To leave a group chat, select the tab "Conversations" and press the right mouse button on the group chat. A menu will appear, where you select "Leave conversation", your sides will get a service message that you no longer maintain communication. To get back the same way: right-click and select "reconnect".
Many users who work with the latest versions of software often face the problem of exit from a chat. Some of them even rocking the old version, because it's simpler and intuitive. But the new version can be configured to view the previous one. For this, the menu "View" you select "Compact"view.
Remember that removing the person or group, you automatically send them a message-the message: "You removed from your contact list", and it means that you should be prepared to answer the question about the reasons for his action.
The world on Skype. How to delete from? A menu will appear, where you select. How to leave a group in Skype on any mailing or not mailing. (not to leave the group,but really to destroy it. You are already on this computer. Tell me how to get out of Skype for. Who does that, you will throw mud and get out of the group.
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My friend helped to register in Skype, but in the identity of the email he wrote her. To recover your password when you sign in to Skype required email address.mail at registration. The connection is through my network places, my Director tells me over Skype not to reach the server. I don't believe him, and want to understand whether this is so.

Advice 2: What you need to communicate in Skype

Skype is a program for chatting in the Internet. With its help, users are able to send instant text withcommunicationme, to make calls, including video format, no matter in which country of the world, there are sides. For communication in "Skype" it is necessary to observe some simple for modern human condition.
What you need to communicate in Skype
To get started with Skype you need to have your computer connected to the Internet. If the connection is established, go to the official website of application developer, download the program and follow the instructions for installation on your computer. As a result, you will have your account on Skype with the username and password with which you will log into the program. You can arrange for text or audio communication through the network only to those subscribers who also have access to the program "Skype" and are in active mode (online) at the time of communication. Exchange text with instantcommunication, the mi does not require any special technical devices (except the computer screen and keyboard). For calls and conversations with other subscribers of Skype on your network will need a special headset (headphones with microphone) if your desktop computer or laptop not equipped with built-in audio devices. For making video calls (when subscribers Skype not only hear but see each other on their computer screens) needed a web Cam. In some models it is already present, but if not, it will have to be purchased and installed separately. The above methods of communication are performed by the users free of charge. However, Skype provides the ability for any user to make chargeable calls to landlines and mobile phones around the world. To activate this function, you need to Deposit money to your personal account in the system of "Skype" by paying with credit card, using one of the payment systems (Yandex.Money, PayPal, WebMoney or other method offered on the official website of the program. The cost of calls is determined by the tariff plan "Skype". Modern mobile phones (smartphones) allow you to install the program "Skype" in the mobile version. This allows the owner of the phone connected to the Internet, to use Skype without a personal computer.
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