The Advil is a popular pain reliever that people can use without any control, without thinking about how it affects the body. There is even a myth that this medication helps to get rid of a hangover. Knowledge of the composition of this preparation will help to understand the meaning of his actions.

Not to say that tablets have too many contraindications. There are, however, quite serious: it can not be taken during pregnancy; after childbirth, if the woman is breastfeeding; before operations; in gout and liver disease.

In most of the drugs produced at the present time under the name "Advil", "Aquasition" and "Tsitramon-P, includes only aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid), caffeine and paracetamol. In the composition of modern tablets is no longer phenacetin, as it is recognized as a toxic substance.

This drug is most helpful with headaches of different origin, and slightly reduces tooth and muscle pain. It is also used as an antipyretic and anti-inflammatory. The composition of the substances in the tablets is chosen so that they enhance and complement each other's action, therefore, the effect of the medication comes rather quickly:
- aspirin relieves inflammation, lowers body temperature and reduces pain in the tissues of the body;
- caffeine has a stimulating effect and enhances General circulation;
- paracetamol neutralizes the substances that cause headache.

Regarding taking Advil hangover, it's just a myth. The main reason for the hangover is a violation of water-salt balance, to establish that the drug is not allowed. Short-term effect it undoubtedly has, but the harm it can bring great because paracetamol will severely tax the liver, and together with the decay products can lead to increased hangover. In addition, caffeine will increase the need tissues of oxygen, may intensify the nausea and even induce vomiting. Aspirin may harm the gastrointestinal tract.

As you can see, to study known drugs also need not to accidentally harm your body.