Take a small piece of foam rubber or foam the size of a matchbox. It will act as a carrier for the arrows of the compass you want to make any needles. Instead of foam you use and the foam. Importantly, the material from which the substrate will be done, not drowning in the water and was easy.
Now you need to magnetize a makeshift compass needle with one hand and demagnetize it. If you do not see at home magnets, look around. You will find that on the Cabinet doors, the magnet can be found in the clips that hold the door in closed position. In addition, in any audio dynamics, you can find the magnet, which is one of the major components of the dynamics. Do not have to pull out the magnet. Just hold the end of the needle near the magnet for about a minute – long enough for him to magnetize.
The next step is to demagnetize the other end of the needle. This can be done by fire. Use a lighter, matches or a burner of a kitchen stove to lightly heat the tip of the needle (opposite to that which magnetized).
Pour into a bowl, deep plate or any other non-metallic bowl with water almost to the brim and down on the surface of the substrate with the needle. Under the influence of the laws of physics, the needle will turn so that one end will face North and South. As you may have guessed, a magnetized end will point North.