You will need
  • Step 1: Football, volleyball or any other ball with a sufficient diameter in order to embody the idea of the layout of the planet. In addition, prepare the fabric in three colors: blue, green and white.
  • Step 2: White egg, onion skins, rice, dill leaves, blue and gauze.
  • For step 3: the Blue balloon, green self-adhesive paper.
The main color will be blue. You need to cut out the green fabric of the workpiece, repeating the shape of the continents. White material will be needed to portray clouds, here you can show imagination and give them absolutely any shape and size. Preform in the shape of the continents and clouds attach the type of an application to the fabric base color. Next, fit an ball obtained a cloth version of the world map. The globe is ready.
Color Easter egg. First, boil the egg in onion skins. Next, fasten the dill leaves and rice to the egg with cheesecloth and drop it into boiling blue. Cook about 5-7 minutes, take out and dries himself. Expand and look at the layout of the earth in miniature.
Inflate a balloon. Cut from self-adhesive paper continents, glue them neither bulb. A great way to inexpensive and creative model.