Advice 1: How to make a model of the earth

"Earth in the porthole, the Earth through the porthole visible.." (gr. "Earthlings") the easiest way to get the layout of our blue planet - is to buy the globe. Well, if you want to feel like a Creator, then there are several options to create the earth with their hands.
How to make a model of the earth
You will need
  • Step 1: Football, volleyball or any other ball with a sufficient diameter in order to embody the idea of the layout of the planet. In addition, prepare the fabric in three colors: blue, green and white.
  • Step 2: White egg, onion skins, rice, dill leaves, blue and gauze.
  • For step 3: the Blue balloon, green self-adhesive paper.
The main color will be blue. You need to cut out the green fabric of the workpiece, repeating the shape of the continents. White material will be needed to portray clouds, here you can show imagination and give them absolutely any shape and size. Preform in the shape of the continents and clouds attach the type of an application to the fabric base color. Next, fit an ball obtained a cloth version of the world map. The globe is ready.
Color Easter egg. First, boil the egg in onion skins. Next, fasten the dill leaves and rice to the egg with cheesecloth and drop it into boiling blue. Cook about 5-7 minutes, take out and dries himself. Expand and look at the layout of the earth in miniature.
Inflate a balloon. Cut from self-adhesive paper continents, glue them neither bulb. A great way to inexpensive and creative model.
Useful advice
This variation does not end there. They are exactly what there is in the world round objects. You can paint, do trim and finish. Everything is limited only by your imagination and materials at hand.

Advice 2: How to make a layout with your own hands

Beautiful architectural models often attract admiring glances, but only a few dare to repeat any object and do a mock self – work on the layout of laborious and requires more time and physical effort. However, the layout may take time to please your eyes and the eyes of your friends, so you can try to make a model of a simple building with his own hands. In this article we will explain how to make the layout simple village house made of plywood and wooden slats.
How to make a layout with your own hands
To start, draw all the elements and details of the future of layout on paper. The drawing must be to scale 1:50, and its measurement must be accurate. Calculate the dimensions of the roof, walls, facade, area, where the building stands, and other parts of the layout.
Transfer drawings on thin plywood and carefully cut out the details. Then in the finished parts cut out window and door openings, and then sand the edges and cuts with sandpaper.
Wide slats for the Foundation stick to the basis, and then abrade and clean. Doors cut out of thin plywood and glue thin wooden slats and fit the size of the door leaf so that it is tightly fit into the opening.
For Windows use a thin plexiglass and cut it to the shape and size of window openings. Window frames manufactured from thin wooden slats, and then fabricate flashings and trim.
The frame of the roof and galleries are made of plywood, and thin sheet metal bend downspouts and gutters. Attach them to the roof, and then make chimney and a Dormer window in the wall of the attic. The porch can be made from a wide wedges of wood.
Start Assembly layout after all the items are fitted – doors, Windows, and the like. Secure box to house the roof frame, install porches, attach decorative strips covering the splices of the carcass.
If desired, cut out balusters for porch and balconies. Bring to realism in the form of logs with the help of a needle file and a file. Sand all the pieces of the layout and cover it with a decorative impregnation or lacquer. The layout can be painted with acrylic or oil paint.
Start with making models of simple design and continue to develop their skills on the more complex buildings.
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