It should be noted that burning of tongue is often a reaction to certain foods, the result of insufficient amount of vitamin In the body, with various hematological diseases, increased nervous irritability of a person, pathological changes of the internal organs, etc. And burning pain can appear not only on language but also on different parts of the mouth: palate, lips, larynx, mucous membranes of the cheeks, throat, etc.

Typically, the patient undergoing examination by experts in the field of dentistry, orthopedics, neurology, psychiatry, therapy to identify the causes and prescribe the correct treatment. Medical examination includes blood test, smear of the oral cavity.

One of the diseases that accompanied by a burning sensation of the tongue is glossitis. In addition to burning pain there is swelling, numbness when exposed to certain factors (spicy food, Smoking, alcohol). Also can form plaque and redness, which significantly complicates the process of chewing and swallowing food. Often, the tongue starts to swell and greatly increase in size. Most often glossitis appears on the background of the disease the human body, but sometimes an independent disease. The most simple form is a superficial glossitis, which causes inflammation of the mucous membranes and the surface of the tongue. With deep form of the disease requires surgical intervention specialist to prevent negative consequences.

There are three varieties of inflammation of the tongue and mucous membranes of the oral cavity. The first group occurs when the mechanical damage. The second group is a consequence diseases of internal organs, the third occurrence of tuberculosis and candidiasis.

To prevent the formation of papillomas and other growths in the mouth, it is necessary to eliminate burning of tongue. The treatment is to care for the oral cavity, performing a rinsing by using a decoction of medicinal plants, take antihistamines, etc. As a rule, only when the elimination of the causes of burning tongue completely disappears.

Pre-treatment should be treating the affected areas of the tongue and mucous membranes with a solution of antiseptic drugs that have analgesic effect and destroy harmful microorganisms. The most simple tool, which helps to eliminate the burning tongue and throat, is the application with the use of sea buckthorn oil, rosehip, peach, that promote rapid healing and tissue regeneration. You can also rinse your mouth with a solution of baking soda, decoction of medicinal herbs (celandine, St. John's wort, chamomile). But it is advantageously carried out at the first signs of burning.

If the burning sensation of the tongue becomes smooth, it is a sign of anemia. As treatment with iron preparations, folic acid, a b vitamin, as well as folk remedies, which raise the immunity and hemoglobin.

Very often, glossitis can be a reaction to funds intended for the care of mouth cavity (tooth-pastes, liquids for rinsing, the mouthwash). In this case, it is advisable to discontinue use and replace with a new one.

As preventive measures regular dental checkups, thorough good oral hygiene (brushing teeth morning and evening, the use of special means after eating), aggressive limit food (spicy, hot dishes, alcohol).