1. First of all, think about how you feel about yourself and your life. Just think about how to get rid of hated kilograms and centimeters, embittered, eternally discontented, obsessed with weight loss? In this attitude lie the main mistakes those seeking to lose weight quickly at home.

Take a firm decision that your body, even if it has its own peculiarities and shortcomings, is worthy of love. Deny myself any self-criticism about their imperfections and say to the beloved body that I love all these creases and apologize for something that hated them in the past.

2. If, when you are nervous, trying to eat my feelings with something tasty, you should know that in this quest to blame cortisol. It is the hormone that is released during all sorts of disorders in humans and causes us so-called emotional hunger. However, the stomach does not solve our problems, and creates a new one – in the form of excess weight and inches. So you will not be able to lose weight quickly.

The stress hormone you can win with two ways: easy low-calorie snack or physical activity. For example, in a stressful situation, you can eat a banana (it produces serotonin – the hormone of joy). But if overcomes boredom, depression or loneliness, then go for a walk or grab a jump rope and jump a few moments.

3. A full Breakfast is the Golden rule for losing weight. Otherwise, attraction to everything that is forbidden in food would increase greatly and you run the risk of overeating. Nutritionists around the world advise to eat Breakfast like a Queen, lunch like Princess and dinner like a beggar.

4. Food should be fun. Do not rush to hurry to eat everything. Eat slowly, enjoying every bite. If you spent on a meal in less than 20 minutes, the brain does not have time to get the information that you are fed, therefore, will require supplements.

5. If you wanted sweet or chips, soak 10 minutes. This "Golden" the pause will allow you to figure out whether you are hungry or just want to escape.

6. The color of the tableware from which we eat greatly affects our appetite. Best of all, if it will be cool colors: blue, green or gray. These colors reduce appetite at the subconscious level. The same applies to tablecloths and curtains in the kitchen. And no panels with beautiful baskets of products on the walls!

7. The Golden rule, how to lose weight at home: 80/20. The established rules in the diet is necessary to adhere to 80% of the time of day, and the remaining 20% allow yourself to relax a little having receded from the rules if you really want. Importantly, without frills!

Changing your attitude towards yourself, your body and your life, you will not notice how to lose weight without any diets. You'll turn into a slender cheerful optimist.