Experts suggest rocking baby in the stroller, not just while walking, but at home, for example when he starts to fall asleep. Do it with a smile, praise the child that he so sits well.
Going for a walk, look at the sidecar if there's any damage that can interfere with the baby. Maybe he rubbed the seat belts, or seat is insufficiently soft. Lay a softer mattress and cooler weather don't forget to bring a blanket. In addition, always should be change of underwear and baby wipes.
Don't limit the review of the child awnings and blinds. In good weather it's better to put the kid a cap or a scarf. Remember that the child needs to see you. Yes you will be able to speak with him, explaining things and distracting conversations.
Let the stroller is always a favourite bear for your child or favorite machine. So it will be more pleasant to sit in the stroller and more fun while walking. Tie it to the stroller a colourful balloon, because small children love bright toys that create a sense of celebration.
Take a bottle with juice or warm sweet water. Maybe your kid acts up because he wants to drink. Try not to walk on an empty stomach, even if you went to the store for groceries.
And most importantly – patience and imagination. After all, any bad situation can be turned into a game, and then instead of tears and tantrums you will hear the laughter of your child.