Period be worn on the hands of kids takes, on average, 1 year. As soon as the child begins to walk independently – he does not need more vehicles in the form of mom and dad's hands. But how can that be? To take into account some peculiarities of children of this age.

Why the child asks for arms

What most interests the child in this period? World. Even while limited by the walls of his room. Agree, it is very convenient to ask my mom for the hands and point the finger in which direction to move on for exploring. From time to time give him this opportunity, because once a baby learns to crawl, he'll climb himself everywhere, and even where not necessary.

Delivers the greatest difficulty falling asleep. Here is where exhausted parents lose their last bit of strength, forced to rock her to sleep at night. Of course, light swaying motion promotes sleep. The alternative can serve as a bed with a pendulum mechanism. A special mount will help to fix the bed after the child is asleep.

It often happens that the baby cuddling after a feeding. And he not very happily accepts mother's wish to remove him from the breast. Then be with him: lie or, at least, stop holding on hands, but don't go shaking it. Let the child gets used to mommy and jiggling is not synonymous.

If the baby is hand, then gradually replace carrying stay with him. Indeed, often the desire to be on the hands due to the fear that mom is gone (and for baby's first months of life the mother in the next room is a disturbing signal. Don't see mom – so, mom's gone: gone far and it is unknown when he will return). Read him books, sing songs or just engage with household work in the field of view of the baby.

To learn to understand children without words

Currently, it is believed that hand the child becomes a reason: it is extremely important to Express yourself. The reasons may be different: a premature baby, colic, generally any ailment. Even hunger may be the cause. Mom think the baby is cranky, but he just did not have enough milk, and it's time to finish feeding mixture.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that few children want alone quietly lying in bed. Thus, taking care of your baby, remember about the Golden mean. Maternal and paternal heart will tell you when and what time the baby should hold.