For the first walking newborn get stroller, bassinet. In the cradle the baby will be comfortable to lie, it will not blow, its top can be closed with cover and mosquito net. When choosing a stroller please note the chassis – from what material it is made, firmly if it does not creak. For bassinet is another important selection criterion. A newborn baby should be facing you. You should always see whether it is convenient for him, nothing is covering his face with a blanket, not spit up if he and others are Very difficult to track such points through a window in the hood of the stroller.
The great attention to the wheels. If the baby is born in the spring and in the fall you transplant it into a stroller, the wheel size value has not already. But for children, which will be available closer to winter, it is better to look for a stroller with large, wide wheels, better off with an inflatable. On this stroller you won't be stuck in snowdrifts.
If you buy the stroller two in one - a cradle and a recreational unit in which the child will go for up to three years, choose a model just for the big wheels. Otherwise you'll have a winter to have to buy another stroller.
Before putting baby in the cradle, podstolice a special mattress in the pram (to go included) and diaper. And here's a pillow baby, like the crib, is not needed. Winter first put in the stroller fur envelope.
Learn how to rock the baby. In any case do not shake a baby babies have not yet developed vestibular system, such pitching negatively affect him. Better to roll the stroller here and there smooth, but not sharp movements.
The grown child move into a unit. It is already interesting to look at the world, and the back of the stroller allows you to adjust the tilt. So any time you can put the baby to sleep. In strollers provides a seat belt. The rule is always wear a child. Even if you think that the baby is capable of nothing, you will not notice as he dramatically stretched out forward, you can fall. Never bring a stroller if the child is in it.
For travel choose an easy folding buggy. These strollers fold with one touch, so light, can easily fit the trunk of a car and they can take on the plane. And most importantly – be stroller you can easily go to the supermarket and even in the interior public transportation. There are buggies that have no front bumper, and therefore, not suitable for children who are not yet able to sit independently. Such strollers very small wheels, which makes them suitable only during the warm time of the year.