Do daily with your child exercises, using special exercises, help him to sit up independently from supine position, pulling a brush and your hands. You should start with 3-5 times: the baby is hard to keep your weight on your hands.
Buy playpen with coarse mesh. When a child spends time in the arena, show him how he can catch up, holding on to mesh by hand. Stick with smooth sticks lattice crib it is not very convenient, because the hands slip on them. The arena is also very convenient in this respect and your child will learn much faster not only to sit but to stand.
Briefly put the baby in a baby carriage, holding her back. If you have a stroller-transformer, and you still have not removed from her basket, now is the time to do it. If the child still went to the very cradle, it is time to buy and a pleasure.
Do not leave your baby in a sitting position for more than 5-7 minutes, at least in the first week, then the time can be gradually increased. In the room to encourage the baby to the seat, you can use the highchair, the backrest has several positions.
The child learned to sit up, his muscles must be strong enough. Encourage him to active movement: frequently lay on the stomach, help to roll back and forth, gradually teach the crawl. You can use toys: trying to get them, your children will have to move rapidly. Help him to crawl to toys, substituting palm under his feet, and gently nudging the kid forward.
Contrary to popular belief, should not be planted 5-6 month old baby on a bed or sofa, propped with pillows, his muscles in this position are not involved. To teach him to keep balance in a sitting position, let's just put the baby on his knee, providing an opportunity to hold onto your fingers and holding it in turn for hands. You can use game-nursery rhyme – for example, "Go nuts", "bumps on bumps".