First raking angles. If the corners have not laid out different boxes and things lying around, the room immediately takes on a different form. Start restoring order to the corners – remove the blockages and clean them.
Prepare two large bag and sort all lying on the floor, on the table, on the couch, etc. In one add up all that you want to throw away unnecessary papers, candy wrappers, etc. To a different package, collect the things that need fixing or clean up in the cupboards – now you have no time to do. Store it in the pantry and don't forget to disassemble.
Vacuum the apartment – it doesn't take much time and will allow you to quickly get rid of dust on any surface. If you are still sweeping, the cleaning will be delayed, so treat vacuum carpets, linoleum and rugs in the bathroom. Wash floors using special fluids – they will Shine, and it immediately caught my eye.
You can quickly change the tablecloth, spread out a decorative napkin and put in a prominent place a vase with flowers. Dirty stains on the sofa or chairs can be masked by a small pads or just change a set of curtains or covers.
Be sure to clean the plumbing, because the guests will want to wash your hands and use your bathroom. For a few minutes pour the toilet and sinks potent tool and go to vacuum. After 15-20 minutes you will only have to handle the brush and rags the surface, removing dirt and to clean the mirror. Hang a couple of fresh towels, check toilet paper and spray the room with air freshener.
Be sure to ventilate the apartment by opening all the Windows for a few minutes. If you are not planning to cook, then sprinkle the room with light, unobtrusive perfume.
If you still have time, then dust off the visible parts of the furniture, wipe the TV screen and all the surfaces on which the layer of dust can be particularly noticeable.
Pay attention to yourself – that your appearance will draw the attention of guests crossing the threshold of your home. Change clothes, touch up eyes and lips, brush your hair and go to greet the guests.