You will need
  • thermometer;
  • notebook;
  • calendar;
  • - handle;
For measuring basal temperature get a thermometer. It can be mercury or electronic. If you are going to use the electronic thermometer, then compare its readings with a mercury thermometer and note the margin of error in further operations. It is important to always use the same thermometer.
Before you go to bed, put the prepared thermometer beside the bed so that it can be easy to get in the morning.
In the morning, without changing position, take the thermometer and measure the temperature in the vagina or in the rectum. You can also measure the temperature in the mouth, but then the values of basal temperature will not bemuch higher. Use only one method of temperature measurement, to avoid errors in the results. Temperature measurement need within 5 minutes.
Then record temperature readings in a designated notebook or calendar. You can also make the schedule of basal temperature, in which the x-axis you will note the date and the y – axis the value of the basal temperature.
Repeat the above steps for the entire cycle, and then will not be difficult to determine pregnancy. The fact that the cycle is divided into two phases – the phase before ovulation, and phase yellow body. In the first part of the cycle the basal temperature is kept at about 37°C. At the time of ovulation there is a jump of temperature, and its value is about 37,2-37,3°C. Before the next menstruation basal temperature drops again to 37°C. Phase yellow body almost always is about 14 days, whereas the period before ovulation may vary. Thus, if you find that the basal temperature remains high for more than 17 consecutive days, it is already possible to speak about a probable pregnancy.