Simple puzzles to unravel the mystery, in most cases, you need to remember that its main purpose is to confuse the human word and to lead his thoughts to the side. In addressing the people, as a rule, always looking for the easy way out, in the case of mysteries, you should always think about alternative methods. For example, in the riddle "Who is always, and not come?" to the fore of the word "is" and "not adequate". The first thing that comes to mind is people or animals, but such mysteries should not forget about the inanimate objects. Analyze word puzzles and think about what you're trying to confuse. Difficult riddles tricky riddles require the person not to take in them in the literal sense. Find a quick answer almost always leads to nothing. To solve these puzzles you need to look for unconventional methods. For example, in Russia in the first place, and in France - on the second? If the essence of the question, the answer to the riddle, you can look for a long time, meanwhile the answer is simple – it's the letter "R" in the names of countries. Math puzzles puzzles that require calculations are more complex, but solving them should be able to read between the lines. Most often they do not have a simple logical solution. For example, what's the sign you need to put between 6 and 7 that the result was less than 7 and greater than 6? The usual mathematical solutions with the production of marks calculation, this mystery has not, and the correct answer – the", " sign, decimal fractions.