At matinees, children's parties, humorous programs, funny, fun puzzles that require present a quick response, have a special role. They require attention and logic, because sometimes the answer to the riddle with a trick can be quite different than that anticipated.

Riddles are very different. Here are just some of them.

Poetic riddles

He tells us the Pope bass: "I love candy ....".
For the rhyme at the end suggests a continuation of "meat". But in this case, you should think of any fillings: jam, jam, nuts..

On vaccinations and injections babies lead mom to ... (the clinic, not in school).
Riddles are widely used as educational and didactic games for children.

The first grade is in the class only fearless... (the teacher, not the diver, as requested by the rhyme).

On tit look, the legs of the birds are only ... (two instead of three.)

The lesson will sleep – and the diary gets... (two).

Three trees grew in the spring in the grove of birch, look at her, all the needles ... (green).

In the swamp on the whole spirit loud croaks ... (frog).

Tomatoes large and ripe, round and very he... (red).

Riddles and puzzles

This kind of task for the mind. To properly solve them, the child needs only to think a little.

Was grandma on the test, fell in a soft place. What do you think? (In this case, it is assumed the answer – head she is thinking, not one on what part of the body could have fallen grandmother.)

What dish can not eat? (From empty).

What is the wheel on the machine when turning to the right turns? (The spare).

In the cart was a hundred eggs, and the bottom fell. How many eggs are left in the basket? (Answer: no, as it dropped the bottom of the basket. Tip: when guessing this job do not need to focus on the word bottom.)

That Adam in the front and Eva in the back? (The letter a in the name).

How many letters are in the alphabet? (Seven: A-1, L -2, F-3, A-4, B-5, I-6, T-7).
Why do birds fly? (Across the sky).

What ducks? (from the shore).

How many peas will fit into one Cup? (No, peas don't go).

At what looks like half Apple? (The other half).
Mystery topic: Which hand is better to stir the tea? (With a spoon).

To whom hats are all the people? And even the President. (To the hairdresser).

Grey, with a trunk and big ears, but not an elephant. (the elephant or the elephant).

Custom puzzles

There are comic mysteries, which are given non-standard response.

For example, a number of actions need to produce, to put in the fridge the Hippo? The answer is three: open the refrigerator, put the Hippo, close the fridge.

Immediately asks a second question: how many actions need to be done to put a giraffe in the fridge? The answer is four: open the fridge, pull out the Hippo, place in the refrigerator giraffe, close the fridge.

You can then ask if the giraffe, turtle and Hippo will run on time, who will come running first? Answer: the hippopotamus, because the giraffe is in the fridge.

And these mysteries, cool and content, and the answers can cause a lot.