Inventory right – so to insure themselves against the costs of material

Making an inventory of the property accepted for storage, you assume financial responsibility for the transferred items. If for any reason there is a disputable situation and to solve it have in court, well written inventory will help you prove your innocence and to win a lawsuit. The same applies to the reverse situation: donating items to the store, read the paper, which is signed: if the description of things you do not like or seems incomplete, feel free to ask to clarify and Supplement it with the necessary information. In the same case that you assume financial responsibility for the property of the company, to make an inventory – the first and foremost condition to liability did not become a sword of Damocles, did not cause serious fines and deductions from wages.

How to make an inventory quickly and not forget anything?

There are situations where to describe the property falls in a short time. If it's not office, but personal property, it is only natural that there are no inventory numbers. Quickly and correctly to do the inventory, not forgetting anything and not typing in a list of items some of them multiple times using the already described marking things with chalk, tape, etc.

How to make an inventory of confiscated items?

In that case, if you want to make an inventory of things seized in connection with the decision of the authorized bodies, you must do so in full accordance with the law, with the signature of two witnesses. If you're on the other side of the law, confident in his innocence and that describe items to you sooner or later will return, special attention to a detailed description of the confiscated property, indicating the real price, as well as documents attesting witnesses and of the persons authorized to make an inventory of the property. Remember that employees of the court or the police do not have the right to be understood. In this capacity, there may be extraneous to able-bodied people, whose condition allows them to attest to the accuracy specified in the inventory information.