Artists online: the pitfalls of self-employment

Today many artists work successfully on the Internet. They make good money, can afford to travel a lot and support his family. However, this way of life holds many pitfalls that you need to prepare.

First, an independent activity will require organization and discipline. Becoming your own chief, it is important to relax and not take off work. The only way you will start to receive good financial returns.

Secondly, be prepared for volatile earnings. At least in the first months of self-employment. Regardless of the chosen directions of activity, to pass time, to have your name become known and recognized in professional circles.

Third, get ready to learn new things. For example, to create a good website, you should know the technical side of the issue. Chose computer graphics, must perfectly understand in the programs, etc.
Subject to availability of funds, you can order a site. Otherwise, take the time to leave a stable workplace. Gradually "prepare the soil": explore topics on web development, programs, popular destinations, etc.

What make the artist

For artists on the Internet, there are many ways to earn. If you want to get away from the real picture, pay attention to interactive art shops, which sell the work of contemporary artists pencil, pastels and brushes. Sign a contract, and your works will join the "shelves" and will be available for purchase.

Artists who can clearly explain and clarify the nuances of the work, you can try your hand at teaching. The first option is to create your own courses. For example, in the form of a blog, site or sold drive. The second way is to give online lessons. Drawing today is very popular and fashionable (kind of mainstream), so wanting to be done.
For success on the web requires the skills of self-promotion. Feel free to offer your services on related forums, social networks, in comments. Also get a page summary with examples of work.

If you are willing to learn new things – learn computer graphics. Created images you can place on numerous microstock where looking for pictures designers, webmasters, publishers, designers, etc. To earnings has become stable, you need to create a large portfolio to manage and work with multiple resources. If your image will appeal to consumers in three to four months you will feel a good financial support.

Pay attention to the kind of Internet exchanges for artists. There you will be able to find orders to work remotely. However, be patient and ready to compete.