Use more simple and reliable way to get rid of excess weight, more useful to health than diet. You can permanently and safely lose weight by eating right. What do I need to do? First of all, reconsider your diet. You should try to eat more often but small portions. Take snacks between Breakfast and lunch. But, of course, is not a sandwich with a thick layer of oil and not a piece of cream cake. Butter and fat put taboos.

Snack low-fat yogurt, cottage cheese, vegetable salads, dressed with vegetable oil, fruits ( go easy just for the bananas – they are very high in calories). Buy a juicer and make delicious juices. Discard juices from the store – it has too much sugar. Yes, this is another product that should be minimized.

Get used to the sweet, so at first without him will be difficult. But courage, because to wait a week or two without sweets, cakes for slender legs and slim waist makes sense. Why only a week? And after you will not crave sweets, and wean from it. And you can pamper yourself with dried fruit, a slice of marmalade or pastes.

Eliminate from the diet muffin, white bread. Replace it with rye. Without special constraints can have porridge: oatmeal, buckwheat. In porridge, add dried apricots, raisins, honey – slowly, of course. Use low-fat meat varieties. The same applies to fish.Of low-fat cottage cheese casseroles make , diet cheesecakes.

And more drink. The body will not feel hungry and he will not face dehydration. You can drink non-carbonated mineral water, but not curative. And simple is better - bottled. Go from black tea to green , it will also help to lose weight with proper nutrition.

Another way to cheat hunger is to stretch the time of eating. Take the example of the Japanese who is used to eating with chopsticks. Try eating soup or cereal, not the big spoon and little.

Definitely bigger move. If you can not go to the gym, just walk, ride a bike, swim, run jog. And try to sleep properly.

If you have patience, willpower and reconstruct their diet, within a week you will feel the effect, and in a month will be proud of significantly postroynevshaya figure and pohorosheet, improve your health in General.