To issue the insurance policy, you must first pass inspection of the vehicle in which the vehicle information will fall into the single database. Since 2013, the vehicle owner or authorized representative has the right to choose the operator's inspection, regardless of the place of registration of the vehicle. The duration of passing of technical inspection of the vehicle is now strictly limited: for vehicles petrol - not more than 39 minutes, and for cars on diesel or gas go - no longer than 43 minutes. To pass inspection you need the following documents: - identity document (or a power of attorney) of the owner of the vehicle; - the vehicle (or registration certificate). You must know that the operator of inspection has no right to demand other documents (driver's license, medical certificate, etc.) For the services of the inspection with the operator is the contract. Conducting technical inspection of the vehicle is paid. The inspection cost is set by the operators within the maximum figures approved by the Federal law. It varies depending on the volume of work performed, the type of vehicle and region in which it is registered. At the end of the inspection the operator of the diagnostic card is made with test results (two copies in writing and in electronic form). In a single database THE data is stored for at least 5 years, so if the MOT test has been lost, it can be recovered from any operator. In the diagnostic map of the car is now stamped on the machine warning of the Parking lot, alarms, first aid kits, fire extinguisher. The car owner is given a scan card, the coupon of checkup or the international certificate. If the map entry is made on the impossibility of operation of the vehicle, pass inspection, of course, is not issued. If THAT was the identified problem, the following inspection may be conducted later than 20 days. For the re too, would need to pay. If the next inspection is carried out by the same operator, the fee is paid only for those indicators that did not meet the requirements. Remember that if you skipped the 20-day period or IT is from another operator, the entire process needs to pass again and pay for it in full.