Brush the hair starting from top to bottom, with the tips, forming two vertical parting. Select two temporal zones for haircuts, and then swipe from ear to ear horizontal parting across the top.
Start cutting the hair with the frontal-parietal region and highlight the first control strand, the length of which subsequently you will be guided if you cut all the remaining strands. Draw a horizontal parting an inch from the hairline and cut the strand at the desired level.
Each subsequent strand separate horizontal parting, and then pinch it between the index and middle fingers together with a control lock and trim to the same length.
When cutting pull back strands of hair 90 degrees from the head surface to get a haircut was correct and accurate.
After cutting the frontal-parietal area go to haircut upper back area, as well as in the previous case, highlighting strands of hair, pulling them to the middle and index fingers, and then cutting to the desired length. Cutting off the strands of each zone, guided by established at the beginning of the control strand.
Divide the horizontal partings temporo-side areas and trim the strands to the desired length, pulling them with your fingers 90 degrees. Make a cutting line on the temples.
Then decorate the bottom edge of the hair up and cut off the excess strands, and do the edging thinning shears.