You will need
  • Foam bath, a Park or a stadium, family.
Do what had long dreamed of. If you all become boring and you get tired of the everyday worries, you will sooner or later become boring. This is because the brain has ceased to receive new information and new feelings and come to a standstill, and he, believe me, does not like. In such moments, you can't blame yourself for laziness and the other deadly sins. Only robots can do the same thing for a long time and not to complain. In order to start working productively in the same direction, and perhaps even to reconsider this direction, it is necessary to gather new strength, to reboot. It is important to completely surrender to the process, without thinking about work or problems.
Of course, it's better if you do something that will benefit the body, soul and mind. For example, finally, go on a walk or even a jog in the nearby Park, alone with his thoughts. Or arrange a day Spa treatment, treat the body and calm the soul at the same time. Take a bath with fragrant foam: relaxation and aromatherapy in one bottle. Maybe you will spend time with family, with children, detached from all worldly concerns. The main thing – to do what you yourself are genuinely nice.
Take care of household chores. You've been planning to clean the closet or sort through things in it? May your hands never reached for some household chores being relegated. Take a chance to combine the fight with boredom with really useful. You see, after the harvest and the mood will rise, it all starts with what a person surrounds himself. If he is clean and tidy, and his mind was clean and not cluttered.
Create. All types of art, be it drawing, crafts, crochet or embroidery, will distract you from the disturbing thoughts and at the same time will be a wonderful means of self-expression. Just do something and not enough of the sleeping brain. In addition, it is a small fascination with time can develop into a serious hobby and even a dream job. And is not this true happiness for any person is to do only what he likes. To create, by the way, and in the kitchen. Prepare a delicious and unusual dish for the whole family, and you kill two birds with one stone: get rid of your boredom and feed the family dinner.
Work out. If you do not want to go out for a jog, you can do sport practices and in the walls of his apartment. Doing sports, the human pituitary gland produces the hormone of happiness endorphins. Add to that the undoubted improvement in the figures, physical endurance and health. After that, the benefits of sport can not think.