About a man you can learn a lot by hand. The owners of conical hands are striving for success, and oval, which are also called philosophical, like to be alone, it's brooding introverts with a well developed logical thinking. Square (or practical) hand indicates the persistence of nature, scepticism and the primacy of material values, and pointed (artistic) says about dreams, sensibility and suspiciousness nature. People with large hands, as a rule, energetic, enthusiastic, and holders of elementary or hands with short fingers are arrogant and superficial.
You can learn a lot about a person by the type of hand
The pattern of lines on each palm is unique, but there are several distinct main lines, the peculiarities of which it is possible not only to see the fate, but also to learn better character.
There are several distinct main lines, which can be found in nature
Heart line reflects the emotional side of the character and carries General information about the person. It starts under the pinky and goes to the index or the middle finger. A curved heart line, located at some distance from the fingers symbolizes the particular softness, sensitivity of the individual. Broken line indicates distrust of nature. It is very important for the heart line where it ends: if between the index and middle finger, then it indicates openness, friendliness, ability to find compromises; and if, under the middle finger indicates the selfishness of nature. From striving for perfection perfectionists heart line goes to the index finger.
If you want to know about the intelligence, willpower and spirit of a person, consider his line of mind. It starts under the index finger (bending the palm) and ends differently. Forked line of your mind implies the existence of oratorical talent and the ability to communicate, and passing through the whole hand indicates a bright personality, extraordinary personality. Short and direct line of mind indicates a lack of imagination.
The life line starts between the index finger and thumb and lowered palm down. It not only talks about life expectancy, how much reflects the overall vitality of a person. Owners of the dual-line or have a brother (sister) twin, or lead a double life. Beginning on the line of the mind indicates a habit of mind that can be a sign of cunning and guile, and also involves the suppression of emotions. Beginning under the line of the mind says about the impracticality and impulsiveness (perhaps the person lives "on the nerves"). A clear line of life symbolizes good health and vitality.