Advice 1: How to determine the nature of the hand

Since ancient times, people learned the nature and foretold the future by the lines on the hand. Like astrology, palmistry gives you the opportunity to learn about the personality of a person and his life.
How to determine the nature of the hand
About a man you can learn a lot by hand. The owners of conical hands are striving for success, and oval, which are also called philosophical, like to be alone, it's brooding introverts with a well developed logical thinking. Square (or practical) hand indicates the persistence of nature, scepticism and the primacy of material values, and pointed (artistic) says about dreams, sensibility and suspiciousness nature. People with large hands, as a rule, energetic, enthusiastic, and holders of elementary or hands with short fingers are arrogant and superficial.
You can learn a lot about a person by the type of hand
The pattern of lines on each palm is unique, but there are several distinct main lines, the peculiarities of which it is possible not only to see the fate, but also to learn better character.
There are several distinct main lines, which can be found in nature
Heart line reflects the emotional side of the character and carries General information about the person. It starts under the pinky and goes to the index or the middle finger. A curved heart line, located at some distance from the fingers symbolizes the particular softness, sensitivity of the individual. Broken line indicates distrust of nature. It is very important for the heart line where it ends: if between the index and middle finger, then it indicates openness, friendliness, ability to find compromises; and if, under the middle finger indicates the selfishness of nature. From striving for perfection perfectionists heart line goes to the index finger.
If you want to know about the intelligence, willpower and spirit of a person, consider his line of mind. It starts under the index finger (bending the palm) and ends differently. Forked line of your mind implies the existence of oratorical talent and the ability to communicate, and passing through the whole hand indicates a bright personality, extraordinary personality. Short and direct line of mind indicates a lack of imagination.
The life line starts between the index finger and thumb and lowered palm down. It not only talks about life expectancy, how much reflects the overall vitality of a person. Owners of the dual-line or have a brother (sister) twin, or lead a double life. Beginning on the line of the mind indicates a habit of mind that can be a sign of cunning and guile, and also involves the suppression of emotions. Beginning under the line of the mind says about the impracticality and impulsiveness (perhaps the person lives "on the nerves"). A clear line of life symbolizes good health and vitality.
To know the nature of man and predict his fate, it is necessary to study not the individual lines, and their combination, as well as the form of the palm, length of fingers, skin and nails.
Useful advice
With the age of a palm may vary. Lines of the hands, which the man writes, change is strongest, so it should be read first.

Advice 2 : How to know the nature of man's hands

Palmistry (divination by hand) claims that do not have a long chat with the person get to know his character. Very carefully look at the hands of his companion.
How to know the nature of man's hands
Nature by the hand of man can be determined using the following classification:1. Elementary - a big hand with short thick fingers shows limited intelligence, propensity to superstition, rudeness.
2. Shovel (active) - palm wide, fingers with blunt ends – the person vigorous, fearless, hardworking, determined.
3. Temperamental (conical) - elongated, flexible palm with thin daugiausia fingers usually belong to a sensitive, creative and impulsive natures.
4. Square - rough palm square shaped characterwill isue law-abiding, conservative, and thorough person with strong will power and average intelligence.
5. Philosophical (knotty) - extending the hand fingers, pronounced knuckles – the person restrained, hardworking, honest, has a materialistic and logical thinking.
6. Idealistic (pointed) - long palm with very long, pointed fingers indicates the ability to appreciate true beauty, religiousness, detachment from reality, maladjustment to everyday life.
7. Combined – palm has the attributes of several types.The hand shape and character are interrelated. The most common combination of several of the above types of palms, joining them and forming features of the unique character of each person.
The author of the book "How to know the nature of man" (1897,St. Petersburg, typography Soykina), his name is unfortunately unknown, argues that the nature of man at arms can determine, noting their softness. Owners soft hands are pliable in nature, they are sensitive, impressionable and reckless.The stiffness of the hands can be either from nature or acquired over the years. A natural stiffness of the hands indicates a good ability of the personof moderate sensibility and sensitivity, and not too good manners.

Advice 3 : What form of toes will tell you about the nature of man

Speech, facial expressions, gestures and demeanor are correctable, but with the shape of the fingers, such will not work! Form of fingers, which gave us a nature that can tell us about our character.
What form of toes will tell you about the nature of man

Of course, over time, the fingers may be slightly modified, but the main characteristics remain.

1. Straight fingers that are the same width throughout its length, characterize the owner as an independent man who does not like to show their feelings and emotions, trying to seem calm but is actually in his / her mind to rage of passion. They have a pronounced sense of justice, they often come to the aid of others, to their own detriment.

2. The shape of the fingers in the form of a triangle, narrow at the ends and wide at the base. These people are too vulnerable, gullible and never will be nothing to disturb their loved ones. People with a triangular shape of the fingers is ready to forgive everything, from small to large transgressions. They are real workaholics, who will not rest until I do everything perfect to the very end.

3. Gnarled fingers, which are clearly visible joints, have people not inclined to sentimentality. With unpleasant personalities and unnecessary things they quickly and easy break up, but hard to tolerate moving from one residence to another, and also work change. Is such a person to meet a reputable person, as it will be implicitly her to please. Such people do not play well with others, I can say directly into the eyes of what I think, do not know how to determine what mood is the source, his feelings and emotions.

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