Buy a specialty fishing shop the reel is best made of stainless steel, and the blank or rod, as spinning is a better quality and will last you much longer if these details are new. When you purchase you should consider such calculations: spinning, length of which is approximately 2.75 m should correspond to the form of 4 m.
Look at home some old corks from bottles of champagne. You will need them in order to make a handle for spinning. Cut off all the tabs and drill out the center hole. Then smear glue on the part of the rod, which acts as a handle, and put it on top of the tube. If necessary, trim them so that there are no gaps. Leave the pen for a while, allowing it to dry.
Touch each part of the rod to determine the presence of a seam there. In this case, your attention must be confined mainly to alastname end, in a place where you will notice a seal. Actually this is the seam you are looking for. Attach the seam directly opposite the reel seat, using nylon yarn on the glue. If you wish to protect the cavity from moisture, insert the butt plug.
Designate a place for the chalk that will serve you the starting point, when you begin to attach the rest of the ring. You should also be sure to pay attention to what each one carrying ring must be positioned with some offset, but not at the same distance. And as you get closer to the chalk, the offset must increase. Attach the choke ring opposite the seam of the rod. However, do not tighten the thread too much, because of the large number of turns of the upper knee may even break down.