You will need
    • mushrooms;
    • onions
    • salt
    • greenery - to taste;
    • butter or vegetable oil.
Clean the mushrooms from the grass and leaves. Cut off the legs, you can leave part of them with a length of approximately 1.5 cm. Cut large cap mushrooms into several parts.
Boil water in a saucepan and throw the hats of the mushrooms. Boil them fifteen minutes, then drain through a colander. Rinse the mushrooms under running water.
Again boil water, add salt and boil the mushrooms a second time within fifteen minutes. Drain them in a colander.
While the mushrooms cook, peel and wash onion, cut into thin half-rings. Preheat skillet with butter or sunflower oil and saute the onion. Let it slightly browned.
The sunflower onion and add the boiled mushrooms. Stir and fry them on medium heat for 20 minutes.
Before serving, sprinkle the fried mushrooms with herbs. For garnish you can make mashed potatoes or fried potatoes.
To cook fried mushrooms for the winter, prepare and boil them as described above. Preheat frying pan with vegetable or butter, put the mushrooms and simmer them under a lid on low heat for 30 minutes.
Open the lid and fry the mushrooms will not evaporate yet all the liquid. At the end of cooking salt and mix them.
Wash the glass jar with baking soda and sterilize them. Boil and dry the plastic lid. Lay hot fried mushrooms on the banks, to "coat hanger" to stamp the mushrooms do not need.
Pour the mushrooms with hot oil left after frying. In banks it should be above the mushrooms on 1-1,5 see If the oil is not enough, heat up a new batch (to heat the oil to a boil.)
Close the banks prepared plastic lids, let cool and place roasted mushrooms in the refrigerator. They need to be stored no more than 5-6 months.