A huge number of people keep at home cats. Often owners of cats only rejoice in the fact that the pet is recovered. Actually overweight for cats it is no less harmful than for people. So still need to monitor the animal's body weight, if not for aesthetic reasons, but at least to ensure that the animal was healthy and happy.

How to determine what weight is normal for a cat?

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The weight of a newborn kitten is about 100-200 grams. They gradually increased, and one year young cat is already gaining weight inherent in the adult animal.
Of course, there is no single standard of body weight cats, which would be universal for all breeds of animals. It would be ridiculous to even compare the mass of the compact of the Sphinx and a huge overgrown, dense coat of the Maine Coon. By the way, is due to the hair, even the fat cats don't look fat, and their owners do not come to mind to reduce the animal's diet.

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The average weight of an adult male can range from two and a half kg so weigh the Singapore miniature cats breeds and up to 8-9 kg, as males of the breed ragdoll and Maine Coon.

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Not too fat cat do you have? Define it yourself

Often owners of cats boast to each other about whose pet is the hardest. In fact, the weight of a cat more than 10 kilograms can hardly be the pride of its owner, because the extra weight causes many diseases. The easiest test for an objective assessment of whether the much better your pet is to hold hands at the sides from the muzzle of the animal towards its tail. If the ribs are palpated, it means that everything is in order: most likely, your pet is just a little thick and it would not hurt to have a more active lifestyle.

If you can't find the ribs of the animal, it is a clear signal that your cat obviously gets an excessive amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. You need to reduce his daily diet is either quantitatively, or even to change the feed to one that is adapted for people suffering from overweight cats.

Maybe your pet too little moves. Ensure that the cat showed adequate physical activity. Now in pet stores sell all sorts of toys that are suitable for kittens and older animals. You may be able to interest the cat with them, thereby forcing him to move more.